Divorcesmart will assist you to claim your benefit

Private Pension Claims

Once you receive your divorce order you should claim your share.

  • It is important to make an endorcement against the fund as soon as possible this will ensure that your share will not be paid to your ex-spouse in the event of death, disability, resignation, retrenchement or  the liquidation of the fund.
  • Make sure that you make the endorcement EVEN if it is stated in the court order that your ex-spouse will notify the fund. If you don’t have a written confirmation from the fund that they have noted the claim, you will have nothing to claim once the monies have been paid to your ex-spouse.
  • Once the endorcement has been made and you have a valid claim the fund has 60 days to pay you your benefit.

Divorcesmart will assist in the administration and management of your Private Pension claims or Goverment Employee Pension Fund Claims. Our administration fee is 2% plus VAT of your fund value.