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Financial Vulnerability

We have designed and industry leading financial vulnerability tool that will assist you to take that first step in regaining your financial power. We all know that horrible feeling when your wallet or purse has just been stolen. Not only is your data exposed but someone else now has control over your money. An event like divorce adds financial risk to your portfolio no matter how big your portfolio.

Financial vulnerability is our definition of a financial event triggered by someone or sometimes yourself over which you have no control. This tool not only measure your financial vulnerability but it also gives you a clear starting point and achievable financial goals to rebuild your financial life.
The purpose of the financial vulnerability tool is to always be” in the money” and not “out of the money”. Our aim is to get you as far right of the y axis and ultimately top right hand quadrant of the wealth building block.

Once you have completed the questionnaire and received your results we will be able to assist you to reduce your financial vulnerability and put financial solutions in place so that you stay in the money as appose to living a life of never ending debt obligations.

We understand that each client is unique, we tailor each solution based on your specific needs before and after divorce.

Financial vulnerability test

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