The purpose of mediation is to avoid excessive costs and retain as much wealth as possible after the divorce.

Depending on your marriage regime, there is a possibility that you will forfeit some of your wealth. Mediation will not only save you money in terms of advice but as financial advisors we are trained to give advice in terms wealth preservation and wealth creation with the aim of not destroying your wealth. Sometimes it is easier to listen to advice when it is offer to you from a neutral base. We specialise in financial mediation and advice.

Parenting plans can also be part of this mediation session they are drafted in terms of the new Children’s  Act which results in a sustainable reference guide for both parents. This ensures that both parents will have a meaningful relationship with their child/ren as well as grandparents and related family members.

The advantages of mediation and the drafting of a sustainable Parenting Plan is a potentially amicable divorce settlement and avoidance of future legal costs.

Once you have agreed on the split of assets and the parenting plan, your lawyer can draft a formal divorce settlement that you both sign and will then get settled via normal court proceedings.

Mediation is right for you if:

  • You and your partner agree that you can negotiate in a fair and in an equitable manner.
  • Children are involved and you would like to draft a Parenting Plan as soon as possible.
  • You disclose all assets and liabilities.
  • You wish to save money in terms of legal costs.
  • You do not want a long, dragged out separation and divorce process.

Disclaimer: All the information supplied by this website are intended as guidelines only, it is advisable to contact Divorcesmart® directly for appropriate advice for your unique circumstances