Correct Wording in your Divorce Order

Suggested Wording:

It is ordered that the  Defendant’s Members Pension Interest held

At the Government Employees Pension Fund be endorsed by the administrators of such Pension Fund or its successor in title to the effect that the court has ordered a division of the joint estate subsisting between the parties and that the Plaintiff (non-member) of such fund be entitled to 50% after taxation in such funds, calculated as at  the date of divorce, payable to the plaintiff/non member  within 60 days after receiving written notification from plaintiff in which such plaintiff specifies whether he /she elects to receive a cash benefit or to have the benefit transferred to another approved Pension Fund. This order is issued pursuant to the provisions of sect 7(8)(a)(i)(ii) and 7(8)(b) of the Divorce Act 1979, No 70 of 1979 as amended as well as section 37D(4) of the pension Funds Act no 24 of 1956 as amended, directing the said pension fund to make to the non-member (plaintiff).