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POPIA Disclosure:

Divorcesmart is a division of Finsmart Asset Management Pty Ltd registered with the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA). As a responsible business we will always endeavour to comply with the FIAS and POPIA Acts as prescribed by law. Finsmart Asset Management Pty Ltd with FSCA number 44557 is registered in terms of the POPIA Act. Our POPIA registration number is 8649/2021 – 2022/IRRTT.


We will assist you with financial advice, financial planning and intermediary services and may request your personal information like:


  • your identity document or driver’s license,
  • proof bank details
  • proof of SARS
  • proof of source of funds
  • proof of residence in order to comply with the FAIS Act.


This information is required in order to do business with you and we may or will provide this to our contracted service providers in order for them to provide products and service to you.  Once all information has been verified and confirmed to be true and correct your details will be kept CONFIDENTIAL AND SAFE by Finsmart Asset Management Pty Ltd and the financial services provider with whom we have contracted on your behalf.


Under no circumstances will we share your information with any other person or entity without your written consent.