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Taking back your financial power

We have created these financial building blocks that will assist you to rebuild your financial life after divorce. The financial goal that you should set yourself here is to make sure that you are able to address each one of these blocks and “tick them off”, this will ensure that you are financially secure and that you have reduced your financial vulnerability as much as possible.

The most important change in your financial dynamics is that you are now the breadwinner and that comes with its own risks and responsabilities.

The best best decision that you can make after your receive your divorce settlement is to take back you financial power, take ownership of your new financial life and the new you, don’t ever give it away again – you are the best person to look after it!

Financial power in our view is when you can manage your money to such an extent where your money is working for you and not the other way around. This is a Finsmart decision and once you have made this choice every time you have to spend money on something your inner voice will stop you to first ask “why and what” do I need this item for?

Becoming Finsmart is also a process and it will take a year or two to take ownership of this and for this you will need a financial strategy with the help of your financial planner.