Do you need help with your Divorce Pension claim from the GEPF?

We are an FSB approved financial services provider with more than 32 year of combined experience in assisting clients with their divorce claims with the Government Employee Pension Fund (GEPF).

Leveraging our excellent relationship with the GEPF and their administrators we are able to quickly and efficiently assist our clients.

We provide weekly feedback to our clients with no upfront or hidden costs.

We assist with both new and existing claims, for your claim to be successful the following is required:

  • The percentage of the pension interest that you are entitled to;
  • The name of the Fund (GEPF) – Government Employees Pension Fund.

The non-member has a choice between:

  • Payment to be made in cash less tax to the non-member spouse’s own account.
  • Payment to be transferred to an approved external fund without paying tax.

Should there be a problem with the wording of your decree of divorce, we have a external legal advisor that will assist you to amend the order for R500.

Contact us for assistance with new or existing claims:
078 519 9435

Divorcesmart will assist you to claim your benefit


Private Pension Claims Once you receive your divorce order you should claim your share. It is important to make an endorcement against the fund as soon as possible this will ensure that your share will not be paid to your ex-spouse in the event of death, disability, resignation, retrenchement or  the liquidation of the fund. [...]

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Tax implications on GEPF Divorce Claims


Divorce Orders date after the 1st of March 2012: No tax will be payable on any amount that becomes payable on or after 1 March 2012 in terms of a divorce order that was issued before 13 September 2007. Divorce Orders date after the 1st of March 2012: If an amount becomes payable by a retirement fund on or after 1 March [...]

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Correct Wording in your Divorce Order


Suggested Wording: It is ordered that the  Defendant's Members Pension Interest held At the Government Employees Pension Fund be endorsed by the administrators of such Pension Fund or its successor in title to the effect that the court has ordered a division of the joint estate subsisting between the parties and that the Plaintiff (non-member) [...]

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Government Employees Pension Fund and the clean break principal


The Government Employees Pension Fund (GEPF) has introduced a rule amendment to their fund introducing the clean break principle on 1 April 2012. The rule amendment has enabled a non-member spouse to receive their portion of the pension interest, as per the court’s decision, in cash or allows for transfer to an approved fund Preservation Pension [...]

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